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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of your services?
    Live Caricatures & Portraits: Usually, this service costs about £ 500 without the transfer fees. If you need more info, please contact me. Wedding Painting: Usually, this service costs between £ 800 and £ 1700, without the transfer fees; everything depends on your request. If you need more info, please contact me. Organic Colour Design: Usually, it costs an average of £ 50 per hour, especially for larger projects that require extensive consultation. But if you need clarification please contact me.
  • If my event has already passed, or you are not available on my event date, can you create a painting from my event photos? Can you also paint one of my favourite photos as a gift for someone?"
    Yes to both! I am offering paintings from photos. I can turn your favorite wedding portrait or photo of a cherished person, place, or pet into a one-of-a-kind painting. I can also work from several photo references to create a customized scene capturing the setting, decor, and key guests of your event as if I were actually there in person! Please contact me for a quote.
  • My venue will only let you start setting up an hour before my party. Is that enough time?
    Although arriving 3-5 hours in advance is ideal, anyway the time needed to set up my station is about 20 minutes. I have been able to produce finished-looking paintings over the course of a 4-hour party with less than an hour to set up. However, if I can arrive earlier, then guests will be able to see a background that is close to finished by the time they come into the room, and I will be able to focus more on adding the people during the party. Anything not completed at the event will be finished in my studio.
  • Are you willing to travel outside England for these services?
    I'm able to travel, obviously, the cost of the service will include an expense for the transfer. Please contact me for a quote.
  • Is it possible to do a portrait from an image?
    Sure, if you have an image I can do it. I have different size and if you want more information contact me.
  • Do you do pet portraits?
    Sure, I can do it with a simple image. You can also choose from coloured portrait to black and white portrait, you can see in my portfolio. If you need more information contact me.
  • What is the difference between "Organic Paint" and "Water-based paint"?"
    Organic paint does not contain ingredients deriving from petrochemicals, so it has a very low environmental impact, it is not dangerous for those who produce it, for those who apply it, and for those who choose to use it in the environment in which they live. It also does not emit dangerous volatile substances (VOCs). Water-based paint can contain highly polluting ingredients that are harmful to health, in fact, water is only a vehicle for all the coloring ingredients, adhesives, preservatives, etc. which are almost always derived from petrochemicals, therefore very harmful for the people and the environment. For more info read my blog.
  • What does Organic Colour mean?
    A pigment is organic when it is extracted from a quarry and pulverized or burned without chemical intervention. Generally, these are so-called 'natural lands'. Then there are other colour categories that fall within organic colours: for example minerals. These may have undergone 'soft chemistry' treatments and therefore remain harmless to people and the environment. The colours used in conventional paints are created entirely in the laboratory, can contain heavy metals, and can be treated with petrochemicals. During processing and in the disposal phase they are very harmful to people and the environment. For more info read my blog.
  • Since it is very difficult to find organic painters, can you also put on the product with the chosen colour?"
    Sure, I can put on the product and you can see the result in my portfolio. The paint with my intervention will be very decorative. If you need clarification please contact me.
  • Are organic paints and colours suitable for sites protected by cultural heritage?
    Absolutely. They are very suitable for sites of this importance because the colours are very in tune with the environments, they used in antiquity and therefore free of chemical products. If you want to see some photos of my previous works you can catch here. For more information please contact me.
  • Are organic finishes very expensive?
    They are aligned with the costs of good conventional paint.
  • What type of materials do you use for live paintings?
    I paint with high-quality water-based acrylic paint on pre-stretched canvas. The paint is non-toxic and extremely quick-drying, allowing for easy clean-up and transport of the painting after an event. I'm using this kind of material because they dry quickly. Everything you can need to know you can reach on my blog.
  • Does the painting from the live painting service come framed?
    The painting is on a stretched canvas that can be hung right away without a frame. Due to the high volume of events I paint, I do not make my own frames but can consult with you about framing options, and can also frame the painting for you for an additional fee plus the cost of the framing.
  • What type of set-up or materials does the event site need to provide for the wedding painting service?
    Setup is minimal and usually requires no assistance from event personnel. I provide my portable easel; the site only needs to arrange a small painting area prior to my arrival, indoors or out, and a small table to hold the painting supplies. The site must also have a nearby power outlet for my lamp. I need to position myself in a spot that gives me a good view of whatever scene I am painting. Everything you can need to know you can reach on my blog.
  • My ceremony is only half an hour long. Can you still paint live?
    Since ceremonies are so short, I like to arrive as early as possible to paint the background before the ceremony. I usually paint as much as I can during the ceremony itself but also take photos for reference. Then, I like to stay during the reception and finish my painting working from my photos, so that guests are able to watch the painting of the ceremony progress while they're enjoying the party! If I cannot stay for the reception, then I will finish the painting in my studio based on my photos.
  • What type of setup or materials does the live portrait or caricature site need to provide?
    For the live portraits and the caricature service, the set-up is different but still small. I need a table with 2-3 chairs (one for me and the other for the guests who want to be portrayed), a nearby electrical outlet to be able to set up my light, and nothing else. My materials for this service are just paper sheets, watercolours, and pens. Everything you can need to know you can reach on my blog.
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