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Live Caricatures And Portraits

As a live caricaturist and portraitist, I offer this service during your event: I will be an actual entertainer who will brighten your guests and leave them with a pleasant memory of a special day. I offer a small and medium size portraits and caricatures, made either with ink pen and watercolours, in order to reach the most clean and realistic effect. The presence of a live drawer during the reception will give an original and exciting touch to your celebration…

Wedding Painter

With this service at your family celebration or corporate event I paint a picture of you, your guests  and venue live as it happens. Your guests can watch me work and you can take the painting on canvas finished at the end, as a souvenir of your day. I’m a Uk-based live event italian artist, and can travel from South West to your location even in Italy…

wedding painter tagliata.jpg

In Studio

I love to unleash my creativity, my world, my imagination! Every creation is unique and inimitable, carried out with handpicked materials and techniques which suit your expressive needs. My aim is to get you curious, to experiment new artistic ways and to give life to images that arise from an inner world. Portraits, landscapes, wedding invitations, copies of works…

Organic Colour Designer

Natural pigments offer a variety of vibrant and delicate colours. This service aims to give uniqueness to your home with attention to the emotional aspect. Also natural and lime paints ensure maximum breathability and lifespan, keeping away mould and preventing the defoliating effect of synthetic paints. They come from a long tradition and they are used in conservative restoration and in the housing sector…

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