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Live Wedding Painting

When we think of a special day that is not only ours but to share, marriage is the first thought that comes to mind.

Everything in our head is perfect: ‘happiness’ is the emotion that unites us all, guests and spouses, ‘personalization’ is another indispensable feature, none of us can do without it anymore. So if we try to make our day unique as well as perfect, we can find many new, original and very creative services; among these the wedding painter service. The service itself is very simple, it is a service that we remember in use since the dawn of time, portraying on commission, very popular before the invention of photography.

A simple but unique and original service, not reproducible, the painting on canvas that portrays a moment, a precious moment of your wedding, will be performed live in front of your guests; in this way, as well as commissioning a unique work that will forever remain a memory to be exhibited in your home, you will also get a service where you can entertain your guests, who await the execution of the work with trepidation.


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To order this service, please contact me

How can this service be organized?
Before your event, we can chat about the painting so that I know what you want me to include, which part of the location they use and how to modify it according to customer’s need. Then on the day of the event, I will paint the scene of you have chosen, live, as it happens, on the spot. On the day of your event, I arrive up to 5 hours early to start painting the background, so that I can focus on adding key people during the party. With every painting, I aim to capture the specific mood, lighting and colour of space, an intimate portrait of the most important people, and a slightly more impressionistic background featuring additional people and details at your party, while interacting with your guests as they watch the scene unfold on canvas. Usually, I finish the painting in 5-8 hours, you will able to recognise yourselves and your guests from the painted likenesses. The figures are small and not intended to be detailed portraits, but they will look like you. Even if a venue does not allow the artist to arrive early, your painting would be finish before the end of your party for guests to admire on their way out.


How much does it cost?
The price for a single live painting usually ranges between 800 –1700 £ and varies based on size, location (travel expenses involved), if you want a portrait or an event painting, time of the event and the extent to which you want the painting touched up after the event. All price points include high-quality materials, acrylic paints are the most suitable medium for speed painting at events, and a detailed consultation approximately 1-2 months before the event to make sure the final painting meets your vision.

However, to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product, I offer a package of touch-up work, which will be ready in 8-12 weeks after the event. For events too far from the town that require an overnight stay, the painting can usually be finished by the morning after the event. You can also opt to have the painting completed onsite, with fewer portraits and a slightly less refined background, for a lower price.

If your event is so far even in other states, it’s not a problem for me, I’m able to travel everywhere, but travelling further will cost a bit more. Contact me for a quote with your venue location and date; if you want to be sure to book me, please enquire a year before your event date. If you want to book, contact me and I will send a form that you complete with all the event details; usually the deposit to hold the date is 20% of the quote and the balance would be due 2 months before the event.

I am a sociable person who loves to interface with others and over the years this service has allowed me to enrich myself by meeting many different people. I love to surprise and satisfy the needs of my client because I consider myself an integral part of the event, which I try to make unique with my creativity; moreover, for me every event, every new request is a new challenge to put myself to the test and to better understand myself and feed my imagination. So I want to say to all my past and new clients Thank you to all of you… Through this bunch of my favs!

If you have any other questions, please take a look at the FAQ section, or contact me.

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