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Contemporary Art at school

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

This experience was amazing for me and my colleague Valentina, it happened more or less in 2012; before that our art team LeRusco participated at Bau 8 and we were glad about that because a lot of people knew our art. In that year a primary school of Pontedera, an important city for contemporary art close to Pisa, called us for some art lessons for their children. We were surprised and we accepted in a minute. In ten lessons we tried to bring them into our world, explaining and teaching to them what is art, who was the most important artist in our culture and how can we do the artwork. They were so excited and they attended each lesson with great enthusiasm!

After the lessons we decided to submit our students to an art project to create all together: at the beginning, they were a little bit lost thinking about the beautiful artworks that we showed to them in the lessons, but we explained to them how can they used these artworks for taking inspirations and carry on. The result was wonderful!

We asked them to follow few rules: to use recycled materials and to work together in harmony, no one excluded.

In few months we built a gorgeous art team and you can see below the art project exposed in a gallery in Pontedera… really amazing.

Enjoy folks!!

Be well


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