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Live portraits and caricatures…

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

After years of live portraits and caricatures, I have noticed that this service is the most popular for various reasons, the most common is the great fun and involvement of everyone, guests and spouses. People are very shy at first, but in a few drawings, everyone lets go and throws themselves into this experience without filters, it’s a stylish way to break the ice for guests. They are sitting and relaxing with a glass of bubbly for about 5 minutes, just the time for me to leap at the chance, with some quick but right strokes: ink pen and watercolour are the optimal tools for a jet and expressive drawing. The result is lots of smiles, winks, joy and pleasant keepsakes, imprinted forever on a small piece of paper. Live is a special dimension. The physical presence of the artist manages to “colour” any occasion of celebration or gathering. It can attract attention and be appreciated for its authentic and genuine character, in times in which the use of computers and electronic devices has come to almost dominate even in the artistic sphere. Observing a man or a woman tinkering with papers and pencils will never stop arousing deep and irresistible archetypal calls in the hearts of people, big and small! Many guests thanked me and told me that they never had before their portrait, so after that, they decided to frame and hung it at home; a perfect goal for the spouses who surprised themselves with the result of this service. After that, like everyone else, they sat down for 5 minutes, taking a breath from the celebrations, and let themselves be portrayed… We did it! Live portraits and caricatures are a low-cost service, which will give your wedding that bohemian touch that will make you look good with everyone, young and old. I will be an actual entertainer who will brighten your guests. I usually propose measures that are not too big like a medium (a4) or small (a5), perfect handbag size! The rest comes by itself… What do I need? A small table, two / three chairs and many people who want to have fun, nothing else! Now I’ve talked too much. Let’s see what we did together! 🙂


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