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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Hello Folks, this article is about my studio and some kind of idea from my customers. Whenever some person asks me to do something, for me is a new challenge; I like to do every kind of thing, It is stimulating and It is feeding my fantasy. I love unleashing my creativity, my world, my imagination! Every creation is unique and inimitable, carried out with handpicked materials and techniques which suit your expressive needs. I aim to get you curious, to experiment with new artistic ways, and to give life to images that arise from an inner world. Below you can see some photos of some works. Usually, people asked me something like that for a special present or themselves, for their special home, to keep memories alive and to give emotions.

You can see that sometimes people ask me to do copyright copies of famous paintings, and I think is a good way to have something special different from printing.

So free your imagination and check it out, Folks!!!!!

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