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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

During the live painting ‘Pisa in fiore’ in Pisa in 2016, someone noticed LeRusco and from there the Itema’s project was born. This person was the art director of the agency that manages every year the Itema’s calendar, Junio Caselli. Itema is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality, high-performance weaving machinery and support services to the industry. Every year the company entrusts that agency with the design of the calendar, which must be strictly artistic and focused on fabric; once the project is completed, the company gives the annual calendar to the most important customers. Our first appointment with the agency was so exciting because it was our most important project at that time for a big company, so we were so enthusiastic; from the beginning, we were focused to realized 12 origami animals in fabric and paper, with different texture of fabric but with the colour identifies the agency, red. It was hard work for us because we experimented with everything, materials and shapes, and I worked for my first time 3d paper in a small size… I remember my eyes at the end of each working day, red like the sculptures, but my heart was beating very fast and you can see the result in some images we have kept for you. Now sculptures are in Itema’s gallery in Bergamo, so we are proud to participate in this project, really stimulating and fulfilling. Below you can see some of our favs and some from the calendar… Enjoy Folks! Bea

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