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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I used my skills as a portraitist and caricaturist for personalized weddings. A lot of brides appreciate it because everyone is looking for something special for the most important day in their life. In these years of works in the wedding world, I received different requests but the most popular is about invitations and tableau de mariage; but for a special bride, I made a wedding bag, placards with love phrases, placeholders and wedding books. Each of these projects have creativity, originality and exclusivity in common. I want to spend some words on invitations because I think they are original. These invitations haven’t envelope and the card is projected like an origami card, with a few folds we get the card closed and that’s it! I have two different shapes, a rectangular and a square one; newlyweds prefer to add on the front of the carried their portrait or caricature and the result is unique. On the other side of the front, you can imagine the name of your guest.

So I write too much Check it out, folks!!! Be well


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