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Prize for best poster…

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It’s happened in May 2018; the contest was Rome Web Awards is about an independent international movie and short movie on web competition. I received a commission from a director of a vintage short film ‘Monsieur Satie et sa famille’ for the movie’s poster. In the beginning, I was surprised by the request because I do every works handmade I don’t like to do my works just with digital instruments and you know is unusual a poster for a movie like a real painting or drawing. I accepted of course because for me every request is a challenge and I did my best; I took a lot of inspiration from Renato Casaro, a painter of the most famous movie poster in Italy, and the 50’s Italian movie poster. So here we go my first poster for a short silent black and white film. The technique is acrylic paint and nothing else just put in a lot of emotions and kindness, like the movie shows. 

This prize arrived unexpectedly because I said before is unusual a handmade poster for a web competition but it’s happened and I was so happy. Moreover, the short film has received other awards as you can see in the image below. 

So this is my first best poster prize: ‘Monsieur Satie et sa famille’, enjoy it, folks!!!!

Below some of my favs 

If you have time I’m happy if you leave your comments, for me it’s important!

Be well mates and stay safe


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